A selection of useful links for trauma skills

Trauma skills resources

Links to key resources

Pelvic binders

Official guide to applying pelvic binder from SAM Pelvic sling here.

Key point is to keep it over the greater trochanters

Chest drains

Nice summary of how to insert including how to use the bottles from Life in the fast lane or from RCEM.

However St Emlyn's probably has the best summary, in this article they also share this video on how I was taught to secure my tubes. Also a good summary of where we are heading (likely smaller, medical-style pigtail catheters).

Suturing skills

A 2 minute Youtube video on how to suture a non-visible bleeding vessel using figure of eight technique. This is the easiest to undertake and the most common for the annoying little bleeding points you might come across. A couple of other techniques are discussed here.

FAST ultrasound scanning

If you have 5 minutes watch this video

If you have 20 minutes watch this lecture on emergency ultrasound teaching(narrated lectures section).

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