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Trauma; the basic approach

Some links to useful resources

Primary survey

Official ATLS video of how to conduct primary survey (11 minute video-actually quite good summary despite annoying cheery Americans).

For those who prefer words; A written summary from LITFL (based on ATLS guidance) , the previous summary on how to prepare is useful too.

Or a brief academic paper for those who like it official.

Probably more importantly, this guide on how to lead a trauma team is clear and real world based.



Being an anaesthetists can't be that hard? But for a detailed approach to how to manage a trauma patient's airway BJA have excellent article on this.

Tension Pneumothorax

More than "this XR shouldn't have been taken." Have you mind blown by this paper from only 17 years ago, discussed in accessible detail on podcast from Phemcast.

Open chest wound

3 sided impermeable dressing and chest drain in another location.

Massie Haemothorax

Bang in a chest drain and give blood; for a more nuanced approach CoreEm have a good summary.

Flail chest

video collection

Management as per our airway colleagues or management as per our bone colleagues

Cardiac Tamponade

An incredibly detailed review of tamponade from Emcrit.

Watch 11 different tamponade ultrasound videos here.

Major haemorrhage

NICE advice is scanty but worth knowing

LITFL have a detailed, evidence-based but readable guide

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