A selection of resources

Urinary tract Infections

Urine dips aren't as useful as most presume.

Change catheter if able

Threshold for admission/discharge for pyelonephritis


The guidelines

NICE having different sets of guidelines for women and men which is useful, lots of health care professionals could read the interpretation of urine dip. Also have 2 page summary of antibiotic guidelines which is helpful. There is a separate guide for pyelonephritis; this highlights how there is no definitive diagnosis features and management depends on severity.

The European Association of urology reaches similar conclusion in their guidelines. Advised against dip and culture for catheter associated UTI. Also emphasises the absence of vaginal symptoms to aide diagnosis in females.


The FOAM Resources

Some of the finest free to access resources out there


Excellent guide to diagnosis and and management (with lots of helpful maths)


Podcast version of similar material to first10em


Guide to paediatric UTI


Some useful papers

A wonderful review of geriaric uti

Easy to read paper on an evidence-based approach to older patients with suspected urinary tract infections.

Another review

This one is useful to dispel lots of the inaccurate believes out there about UTI diagnosis (10 myths dispelled)

EMJ best best review of urine dip

Cannot be used as rule out if a patient has symptoms.