A selection of resources

STEMI- Occlusion Myocardial infarct

Diagnosis based on ecg changes (not always ST elevations)


The guidelines

NICE have produced a very readable one page summary of their STEMI management guidelines. The European society of Cardiology guidelines are more detailed as per normal, but usefully contained guide to diagnostic ecg changes.

NICE's 2020 guidelines have some minor updates, with more emphasis on prasugel.


The FOAM Resources

Some of the finest free to access resources out there

Dr smith ecg blog

More than you could ever want to know about ecg, particularly ischaemic changes. Here is a document on non-ST elevation "STEMIs"


Simple run through of medications used in STEMI.


Detailed thesis explained rationale of why we should stop thinking about STEMI and NSTEMI. OMI is the future!

Pulmonary Embolism

Some useful papers

A simple introduction to the 5 types of Myocardial infarction.

This short articles describes the new classifications. Only really worth knowing the difference between one and two.