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Blunt Trauma

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The NICE guidelines on this are from 2016 (all 330 pages of it), basically they recommend the Canadian C-spine rules. A St-emlyn’s summary or a RCEM audio summary and discussion are more accessible.

RCEM have a readable review as well.

This paper is quiet dismissive of distracting injuries and this one of midline tenderness; which is interesting.

EMJ Review on elderly C-spine injuries is sobering.


For those with GCS 14/15 on DOAC we may not need to scan

The CRASH-3 study showed that (probably) a benefit for some patients with head injuries to give TXA. Many summaries only including st-emlyn’s and resus rooms.

It’s quite difficult to tell what happens to patients with the catastrophic head injury; this FICM paper gives a nuanced and balanced approach.


This review provides a nice overview and RCEM have a good learning module on the more serious injuries.


A discussion on haematuria from LITFL is useful


NICE guidelines available and a readable overview .

More information on the pelvic binder than you could possibly need from Phemcast.

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