A selection of resources



Some of the best free apps and select paid for resources

Some ways to start practising

The best apps

Memrise app

An easy to use and rewarding app that uses step repetitions to help memorise french vocabulary. Most of the most useful stuff is free and is low effort to learn a bit of vocab every day


The most famous of learning apps is useful for beginners but gets a bit wearing as you build up your experience


Flashcard style app which is useful if you need to help memorise a certain group of words or grammar


An app that lets you match up with other learners for language exchange. It is mostly free but you can also pay to find people closer to you in real life (free week’s trial)

News in slow french

1 month free trial available. Has both app with the slow french podcasts but also has some online course with easy to follow along conversations and grammar ecer

Paul Noble on audible

You can get one month/one book free on audible. Paul noble audiobook is the best resource for beginner’s. It uses repetition and doesn’t need a book so can use whilst walking.

The Best Online Resources

Rosetta stone

Attempts to be immersive by using images and words. It is good for beginners/lower intermediate (although a little expensive; only 3 day free trial) although gets a little repetitive at times.


Learn via online videos with handy highlighted words as you go along. I found the 14 day free trial enough but might work for some

Reverso conjugation

Easy to use resource to conjugate words in any language

Coursea intermediate french

Amazingly detailed and professional university style 6 weeks course aimed at students who might attend a educational course in France. 100 percent free but of a more upper intermediate level.

Rfi News in easy french

Daily news in slow french with transcript. Also host of other resources with transcripts which you can filter by you language level.

Le point

Collection of grammar exercise which you can filter by level. Easy to use answers as well.

Verbal Planet

Allows you to find online tutors which is obviously more expensive than online resources but a lot cheaper and more flexible than real life tutors. Can often get first lesson free.


Online group courses that offer one week free trial. I found the classes a bit awkward but some mind find it is a middle ground being tutors and the online software.

Lawless french

One of a few online free to access guides but I find it’s explanation of grammar very easy to read and understand.

Helpful podcasts

Some of the more useful french podcasts to try

Daily frenchpod

Very short (3-4 minutes). Takes one current phrase and breaks it down in both french and English. Useful to aide understanding at A2/B1 level.


100 percent french breakdown of a different phrase or idiom. About 10 minutes. Great for comprehension practice at a B1/B2 level.