The definitive ranking of animal life in Taenedba refugee camp from worst to best


The bastards are everywhere. Spreading diarrhoea in their wake. After being woken up by sunrise the buzzing little dickheads are in my face making sure I am definitely awake. Throughout the day making you flick your hand constantly like you have a tic and landing on wounds whilst you are trying to sew them up. Definitely the top of this list.


Pre rainy season they are not that bad. But I think possible my unluckier sleeping companions are keeping them from biting me too much. Malaria is also a bastard, and in a month the cases will be sky-rocketing which will keep us busy in the hospital. But, not too much malaria yet and actually quiet satisfy to treat as generally super responsive to treatment so sneaking in at spot number 2.


The crawling little idiots get everywhere. Everywhere. You are happily trying to lie down and chill and then you feel a little bite on your arm and there are ten of the things along you. We are also on our third type of container for the dried milk supply which they keep on breaching.


Apparently their stings are unbelievably painful. The sneaky bastards hide pretty well so luckily there aren’t that many about that we have seen. Also, they glow in ultraviolet light so are undeniably cool.


Particularly the aggressive yobby ones that bark at be every morning as I job past them. Seriously they should be used to the weird white guy running past them by now.


Fairly neutral on these. They don’t seem to bother anyone. But the fact they are wandering insider the courtyards of the rural hospital we have to refer patients to is not a resounding endorsement of their cleanliness.


Look cool but are very slow moving and tend to move the wrong way when our driving tries to swerve past them as we drive to town. Make a scenic sunset on the canal as they are taken to water by their herders.


My friend complains about them marring overnight but I find them a not entirely unpleasant alarm clock. They also are the ones lugging water around the camp in barrel carts which they do without any complaint. If not working hard they just sit their chilling, not complaining at all. Big fan.

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