I am (Dr) Dan Roberts

I am a U.K based Emergency doctor, currently undertaking a year Anaesthetics/Intensive care. I am not formally attached to any training programme. I have an interest in the evidence-base, and the use of free open-access education to propagate this.

My aim for this site is threefold. Firstly to before a resource to guide those interested to the best of the free educational content that is out there. Secondly as a blog for my small contribution to this sea of information.

Lastly, I feel the greatest potential for online free educational is for those working in extremely resource-limited environments. Ideally this site will become a compendium of resources for those working in these sort of conditions. I have yet to work in the humanitarian sector, when I do I hope to expand this aspect of the site. Poor Evidence- the best evidence for the poorest of environments.